Dating is a whole new ball game these days with both offline and online dating undergoing tremendous changes over the years. There are thousands of men and women online looking for love and companionship, so finding a partner online is never a problem. Singles dating sites have proliferated over the past few years catering to a wide variety of dating styles. From online dating sites related to interracial dating to fetishes, there is a plethora of dating options. In short, the dating world both offline and online has taken on a whole new meaning!

Some of the newer facets of modern dating

Social media platforms are the way to go

Ever since social media appeared on the scene single women and men are actively looking for partners at these sites. They now rival popular dating sites with an increasing number of couples hooking up at sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. DMs (Direct Messaging) has opened up a wide world of dating possibilities, so finding a partner in your neighborhood or city is no longer an issue. This trend is only expected to grow along with time, so expect social media to play cupid in the coming period.

A dinner date is passé

There is a reverse trend with more couples preferring a lunch date than the conventional movie and dinner date. Suggesting a dinner date now increases the risk of getting turned down because of the attached connotations of ending up sleeping together. Play it safe and ask somebody out for lunch and you are sure to get a positive response.

A college education counts

Men and women have become more status conscious and having a college degree will certainly help you to become more dateable. This trend is only bound to increase with college and university graduates scoring more with prospective partners.

Be prompt in responding

When you date someone online, do not play hard to get and be prompt in your responses. Delaying replies to messages means you are not interested and they are bound to lose interest and move on to the next online partner. Don’t expect to keep people guessing as the trend is to move to other available options.

Good guys score the quickest

Remember that saying that the nice guys always come last! Well, the good news or bad news (depending which you are) is that the tables have been turned. Now guys with friendly and likeable profiles garner all the attention and win the girls. Most girls and women are now looking for gentlemen that are polite, kind and easy going.  The macho boys now play second fiddle. 

Mature women are in vogue

Dating in these fast times is all about novelties and part of this is growing interest in younger guys to opt for mature and older women. Age is just a number when it comes to dating for guys. There is an increasing number of young men that prefer to opt for older women when dating both offline and online. So keep an open mind when you plan to date!

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