When most of us make a decision to enter into matrimony it is not something made without careful consideration. Marriage is a major commitment and we need to strive every day of our lives to keep it happy and successful. Despite our best effort, there are times when things do not seem to work out and we feel like calling it quits. Marriage needs dedication and perseverance and is something we need to be willing to go that extra mile to preserve. 

Proven ways to save a marriage

Whining is the root cause of breakups: Almost every relationship has one or both partners always complaining about something or the other. This is not the way to go about salvaging any marriage that is on the rocks. Why always complain to each other when the same issue can be discussed and resolved amicably. Something that starts out as minor then evolves and becomes a nagging habit. When a person has a habit of complaining it also alters their attitude and behavior towards their partner. Instead of complaining about something rephrase it and put it across as a request. You will be surprised as to how every effective a way it will be in resolving even the most complex issues in a peaceful manner.

Stop the blame game: One of the biggest recipes for disaster in a marriage is to blame each other for every single thing. This does tend to manifest itself in many relationships and is one of the leading causes of divorce. What starts out as a disagreement with each other becomes a slanging match against one another. Instead of blaming each other for everything that goes wrong, control your temper. For those that have anger issues therapy could be of help. Blaming anyone for anything in life is escapism from our own failures. Instead, stay calm, own up to the fact that we make mistakes and never blame each other for our own failures. 

Do adjustment and compromise ring a bell: In this fast-paced world that we live in with people becoming more egotistical, the idea of compromise and adjustments seem to have about vanished. Having an ego and taking an uncompromising position will only lead to a marriage disintegrating. The two keystones of any successful marriage are compromise and adjustment. This is the only way to work things out whether it is your personal or professional life.  Learn to make the middle ground in your marriage be open to making adjustments to keep your marriage happy and long-lasting.

Take some time off as a couple: When any cracks begin to develop in a marriage, it is best to mutually agree to a cooling off period as a couple.  Take some time off, maybe go on a short holiday, spend time camping or hiking or even just moving to a hotel for a few days. This will give both some time to introspect, analyze the relationship and what is going wrong and even realize our own shortcomings. This time spent away from each other could help to give the marriage a fresh start.

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