The perfect date is something both couples and singles hope to create. The fact is different people have different ideas of what a perfect day is. For some, a simple low budget date is enough while others love to indulge in more luxury. However, certain cities around the world make it difficult for people to create a low budget date and we will look at some of them below.

6 Cities Where Dating Is Expensive

Let’s imagine you used a dating service to find local single women. After signing up for online dating and creating a killer profile you find a single girl and decide to meet up. If you live in any of the cities we highlight below, you will probably be shocked by how much you could spend if you decide to take your date out. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. New York – this city in the United States is one of the most expensive cities for a date. If you find a woman online and want to impress her, then yes, New York is the perfect place to do so. In order to have a great time with your date, you should be prepared to spend a minimum of $155.
  2. Tokyo – a lot of things come to mind when we think about Tokyo. You can also include the fact that Tokyo is a very expensive city not only to live in but to date local singles. We should admit that there is so much to do and the changes are the experience is worth it. This experience is worth about $130.
  3. Oslo – if you want to spend about $138 on a date, the capital city of Norway, Oslo should be on your list. With this price, you get amazing places to dine and enjoy each other’s company. At such a price, you will surely get good service.
  4. Stockholm – it is the second Scandinavian city on our list after Oslo above. A regular date in the Swedish capital will cost you almost $120. If you are thinking of heading over there for a date, make sure you are financially backed.
  5. London – if you live in London, you are familiar with the fact that it is a large city. It is also pretty expensive to live in and the high prices don’t stop there. If you want to knock your date’s socks off you have to be able to spend more than a $113.
  6. Paris – the city is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. In fact, it is synonymous to the city of love. It is important to note that many people forget that no services are free and a single date will set you back about $80-$100.

Once you sign up to an online dating service and meet local women or men, the next step would be finding a nice place to meet up. The cities we have looked at are among the most expensive in the world. Therefore, be prepared to spend more than a few bucks at a good restaurant. Otherwise, you can be creative and think about how you can spend a romantic night on a budget.

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