Europe is famous for its various confections and sweets. Travelers from all over the world go to various parts of Europe to dine on cuisine and then finish the meal with delicious, sweet foods. Whether you are preparing to travel to Europe and want to know about some of the desserts you could potentially try, or you’re looking to replicate the flavors in your own kitchen, you should know about all these signature sweets!

Some thoughts about culinary tourism

The topic of culinary tourism is usually met with very little criticism. After all, sharing one’s foods with visitors is one of the greatest pleasures for the people who spend time baking and creating sweet foods. While some people will travel the world looking for the best signature dishes, fewer people consider traveling just for dessert. After reading some of the dessert descriptions in the next section, we hope that changes and people focus more on what comes after dinner, too!

That being said, when we are talking about cultural tourism, we have to be careful about what we take home with us. Of course, we are not talking about what desserts make their way into your hotel minifridge. Rather, people must be careful about what they do when returning home and trying to replicate the recipe. It is very tempting to take something that you learned about in Prague or Sicily and try to make it. However, when you start changing the recipe from the traditional one, you can harm the taste and the perception of the culture in your community. When you’re sharing these confections with others, it is a good idea to be sure that you’re following recipes carefully or sourcing them from those that follow the original plans for the dessert.

Sicilian Cannoli

Suggestions for couples having a sweet tooth

When you’re traveling with a romantic partner, you might not want to eat a large, heavy meal before exploring a new city. However, a nice portion of any one of these delicious desserts will leave you satisfied and show you the incredible efforts that certain cultures have put into perfecting their sweet dishes.

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles are a staple in places outside of Belgium because they are relatively easy to make and they’re an absolutely delicious meal. They are very similar to regular waffles, but they are much thicker, and the crevices in the dish are much deeper. They are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, making them the perfect breakfast meal because they can be paired with syrups and fruit without losing their shape.

English Banoffee Pie

The English Banoffee Pie might seem like a bit of a mashup at first glance. The pie is strictly eaten as a dessert because of the sweetness of the food used in making it. The pie includes banana, cream, and toffee with a base and side that is made from cookies or biscuits. The top of the pie is whipped cream. It’s a soft, delicious pie that unites many different flavors to keep your palate jumping for joy!

Sicilian Cannoli

The Sicilian Cannoli is an Italian pastry that comes with some serious variations when you travel to other parts of Italy. The inside of the dish is made from sweet, creamy ricotta filling. On the outside, there is a tube-shaped shell into which the filling is stuffed and then covered with added sweet treats. Some people use chocolate chips to decorate the outside, and others use sweet fruits. They’re amazing and not too difficult to make when you have the right recipe in front of you.

Prague Trdelnik

Prague Trdelnik

Don’t let the pronunciation frighten you away. The Prague Trdelnik is a dessert that is best described as a “spit cake,” meaning it is made and sometimes served on a stick. The main ingredients are dough, sugar, and walnuts which are mixed and baked on spits to give the cakes a tube-like appearance. The best part comes when people decide to fill the cakes with different cremes, icing, and fruit. These cakes are customizable for every occasion!

Linzer torte

While it might look like a pie at first glance, the Linzer Torte is an Austrian shortcake that is topped with fruit and then has a lattice of dough covering it all. This is a rich and buttery dessert that can be made with many different types of fruit preserves and customized with specific flavors of the lattice. Making this dessert takes time and practice to achieve the perfect flavors.

These dishes are enough to make you stop in a local shop for a taste, and you’d be wise to try to get the recipes so you can replicate them at home!

Notice minute details to recreate these dishes at home

After you have returned home from your vacation, you’re going to have the desire to make these desserts in your own kitchen. You must take into account what we said about cuisine tourism earlier on so you can make the dishes the way they’re supposed to be. After all, you don’t want to give people the wrong impression of these foods.

The first way you can notice the minute details and recreate the foods at home is by using the proper recipe. Try to get the recipe directly from the people that make the dishes in their homeland. This can be difficult because of language barriers, but there are bound to be traditional recipes online. You should follow them closely and make sure that you’re sourcing proper ingredients. You may have to pay a visit to local, foreign-owned shops to get the right spices and ingredients, depending on where you live!

Make sure you focus on the details of the dish, and you will be able to eat these foods and share your love of them with others no matter where you live! Traveling can have a massive impact on who we are as people. Most people want to bring back the dishes they ate overseas, and desserts are certainly the most approachable food to replicate. Use the right recipes and ingredients, and you’ll have a great time cooking up a batch of your favorite foreign desserts!

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