Sadly, not every person that you meet has your best interests in mind. You are going to find selfish people that want to use you for money, intimacy, or just to be cruel through catfishing. Fortunately, it is easy to recognize the people that are going to be negative towards you. Using this guide, you can learn the best way to find out if someone is lying to you about their intentions with you.

A Person is Rushing the First Date

A major red flag that you will often see on dating sites or even when you are meeting up with someone in person is that they have this burning desire to go out on a first date with you. Of course, you can always find some genuine people that want to spend every waking minute with you because they have fallen so deeply in love. People on dating sites need to be especially wary because someone who wants to date you so quickly after meeting usually does not have your best interests in mind. Most often, they are looking to get you into bed as soon as they can so they can move onto other dates. While that can be vile for some people, it’s a thrill for others. Other times, they want the first date to happen so they can start love bombing you, making it feel as though you are their obsession and that you should be theirs. People use this tactic to get something tangible from their first dates, such as money, gifts, or other favors. It is not unusual for people who are cheating on their spouse to love-bomb you so they can move your relationship along to the point where you want them to move in! As you can see, rushing the first date has all sorts of negative implications, so make your date pump the brakes.

A Person is Delaying Your First Date

Another approach to examining first date problems can occur when your partner is delaying the first date for a long time. Remember, you do not need to be suspicious about everything or that person cannot drop everything in their life to meet you right now. You should try to be open-minded. Delaying the first date can come with bad intentions, though. Your partner will come up with all sorts of different reasons that they cannot meet up with you. Perhaps work keeps telling them to stay late, or they have a sick family member. Eventually, you will catch on that they are stringing you along for one reason or another.

When you are dating someone online, they might send you pictures of someone that is not them. They want you to be comfortable with them and love their physical features. When it comes time to meet one another, they will delay the first date to maintain the ruse. Many times, they know that meeting someone will end the relationship, and they are genuinely regretful. On some occasions, you will find that people are only doing this to drag out the relationship and make it most embarrassing for the person that is being fooled. This is often referred to as catfishing, and it is used to hurt someone emotionally and to make them feel foolish that they had loved someone in the first place.

Man communicating with a girl he met online

A Person’s Behavior Lacks Consistency

Another sure sign that your partner is not telling the truth is that their behavior lacks consistency. What does that mean? One day, your partner might tell you that you are the love of their life, and they can’t be without you. The sentiment is very sweet, and you might start thinking of them the same way. The next day, they are keeping you at arm’s length and not repeating those same ideas. Sometimes people have a bad day. That can explain changes in attitude from day to day. You can also get into an argument with your potential date. That does not explain either of these cases, though. Why would someone have inconsistent behavior? Typically, it is a sign that this person is courting more than one person. They either can’t keep their relationships straight in their mind, or they are beginning to favor one over the other. It is a sure sign that something is happening with your partner, and they should be telling you the truth from the start.

A Person Describes Their Life as a Bed of Roses

The last way that you can tell if someone is lying to you is if they describe their life in an outlandishly positive way. You are going to run across people that do have very nice lives. They will drive a nice car and could go on a vacation to the Italian Riviera. Now, if it seems like they are on vacation every week and nothing ever goes wrong in their life, then you have a red flag that they are lying to you. Most of the time, these partners will want you to think that they are doing well in life. That can be a rather small lie, but it may also be a trap. These people will want you to fall in love with them and then get entangled in their life so that they can drain your resources. Otherwise, they just want someone to fall in love with them so they can catfish or embarrass them. This sort of behavior is linked to the other lying symptoms that we have discussed so far. They will usually combine an amazing life, pictures of people who are not them, and even show off luxury items they do not own. Beware people with no problems in life!

The sad part about dating is that so many people are trying to take advantage of others’ good nature. They have a desire to lie so they can get dates, or so they can harm and embarrass another person. Either way, you are now armed with several possible signs that someone is lying to you, so you can avoid negative outcomes.

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